This Interior Designer Curates the Coziest Beige Spaces

There aren’t too many interior designers out there who give us the beige, monochromatic satisfaction we need. To some people, pops of color and patterns are absolutely necessary to complete a space. But Jake Alexander Arnold proves in every one of his projects that browns, creams, and black decor is far from boring. These colors actually have relaxing benefits and Arnold gets it.

Similar to the magic he created in Tia Mowry’s home, Arnold leaves his minimalistic mark in all of his projects. The self-taught designer credits his design obsession to his mother who was an interior designer. He urges others who want to be an interior design to just dive in.

“I urge people who want to get started really dive-in and read, research and get inspired and learn construction where possible,” Arnold said in an interview with Amber Lewis of All Sorts Of. “Most importantly, believe in yourself and have confidence because no one else will do that for you.”

The theme for many of his projects speaks for itself. Everything flows and has balance. Common colors are black, white, brown, and beige.

Marble accents alongside organic cotton fibers make for a cozy setting. High ceilings and natural lighting are also common themes in Arnold’s work.

Layers and texture are so rich but simple. Open shelving and less cabinet space create the minimal vibe. There are rarely more than two or three earth tones colors in Arnold’s designs.

Arnold’s office space has a wall of cloth color swatches in order of light to dark which explains how all his color schemes come together so well in the end result. To Arnold, being a designer is a lifestyle. It includes finding inspiration in everything. Arnold curates his spaces with experiences and emotions in mind.

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