How to DIY, Repurpose and Decorate an Old Storage Shelf

In an effort to make the new apartment feel like a home after leaving our old home, my latest DIY passion project has been repurposing this old storage shelf in our entryway. This DIY project quickly turned into the storage hack we needed.

DIY for More Storage Space

The shelf was originally brown and belonged to my boyfriend as storage for his knick-knacks. I loved the idea of a knick-knack shelf (and we definitely needed one in our new apartment), but this one needed some TLC. As we were moving all of our things into the new place, this shelf unintentionally got placed by the front door in the entryway with nowhere to go.

For example, we all know furniture in the home can quickly become the convenient thing by the door we carelessly throw keys, masks, mail, and any other junk on.

That is exactly what happened here.

The clutter became overwhelming so it was clear we needed the storage space. Instead of tossing the entire shelf, I decided to make a DIY project out of it.

The Process

First I cleaned the storage shelf of any dust or dirt by wiping it thoroughly with lysol surface cleaner. I then used wood cleaner as a finish just before spray painting it.

Next I took a trip to home depot where I purchased two cans of white gloss spray paint.

It was important to do this project outside, as the paint is extremely too strong for inside use. Covering the ground with some form of large plastic (I used a couch cover) will do the trick. I stood about 4-feet away from the shelf as I sprayed each side. When done, I went through two bottles to get the desired finish I wanted.

After letting the shelf dry for about 30 minutes to an hour, I was very pleased with the results.

I could have chosen a matte finish, but I figured gloss would have a more luxurious look for the entryway.

The Decor

This shelf is essentially the first thing people will see and first impression of our home. Therefore, I wanted to decorate it in a refreshing way. I knew plants and candles would do the job without it being too overwhelming.

Right away for decor I chose an aloe vera plant because it’s low maintenance but also very aesthetically pleasing and a Cedar Magnolia candle.

These 12×12 storage bins were perfect for storing our miscellaneous things that otherwise would have cluttered the space.

Pampas grass was perfect for this space. It fits the beige theme and brings it all together.

Believe it or not, I was going to leave the shelf as is and stop at this point. I liked the idea of leaving the empty shelves open. Awhile went by as I debated whether or not to add more decor to the other empty storage slots.

Subsequently, after a poll on Instagram you guys suggested I decorate the entire shelf and essentially fill in the gaps.

Here’s what I added to finish it off.

Ikea Magazines

Faux Plant

Wood Coasters

Giraffe Figurine

Ceramic Oil Warmer

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