House Tour: Revealing Our First Home

We’ve recently moved out of the place we’ve called home for two years.

I would consider this home a rare find in Milwaukee. Although there are many duplexes in the city, this one in particular had all the original Midwest-style charm, and was renovated.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen snippets and details of it there.

When we first started looking for a place to live we focused mainly on apartments, but soon realized there were some perks to living in a flat or duplex. Price, location, and space were the main factors in deciding to explore other options.

Duplexes are extremely common in Milwaukee and other surrounding Midwest cities, but many are overwhelmingly outdated. We chose a home in the Martin Drive neighborhood – really close to the Miller Park Stadium and 5 min to downtown

This 1,000+ square-foot home was a true gem with all the bells and whistles. It was an absolute dream for my first home.

Let’s talk about the Sunroom. Guests entered our house through the front door which led to a gorgeous sunroom (six windows!) with a chandelier and classic french doors. For awhile this room was just where we stored shoes, but in the last few months of living here, I used the sunroom for yoga, meditation and workouts. This room got the most sunlight of course, but the house had 27 windows in total – so there was plenty of natural lighting throughout.

Another favorite in the house was our kitchen. Most people were pleasantly surprised by how big and beautiful the kitchen was for such an old house. The matte tile floors stole the show and continued on into the hallways and bathroom. The kitchen didn’t need much decorating, so we added succulents and candles to finish it off.

Our house had one spacious, full bathroom. The tub/shower had fresh tile-work and built-in soap holders.

One specific characteristic I wanted was original hardwood floors throughout. Luckily, most traditional Milwaukee homes consist of original hardwood floors and TONS of character. Our house was no different.

There’s so much to appreciate about the living room and dining room. The brick fireplace (not wood burning) had a built-in candle holder )that candle lovers like myself could fully appreciate. (The bathroom also had a candle holder) The fireplace sat on colorful tile making it the focal point of the room. We placed our TV on top and decorative books alongside it.

I’m so grateful to call this place my first home, but I am looking forward to the next chapter in my new home. Stay tuned for details and design updates of our new home.

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