Amazon Favorites for the Home for October

One of my favorite things to do for you guys is find realistic and chic items for the home on Amazon. When it comes to decorating, it’s no secret that Amazon is one of the most convenient places to shop – shipping is fast and there’s sooo much to choose from. For October, I’ve rounded up my amazon favorites for the home. useful finds for the kitchen and for a cozy night at home.

Throw Blanket

With the colder months now here, fluffy and soft throw blankets come in handy for a cozy night at home. I love how thick this one is. It’s also reversible.

Electric Tea Kettle

It’s no secret that I’m a tea connoisseur. I’ve been holding on to my old teapot for over a year now and I’m finally ready to part ways with it. I’ll be replacing it with this electric tea kettle. I chose this one because aside from it’s chic appearance, it has 5 temperature options, I can brew coffee and tea, and it heats up almost immediately.

Cast Iron Pot

I use my cast iron skillet (this one is one sale!) for just about every meal. Cast iron is convenient and easy to clean, so I’m adding this cast iron pot to my kitchen. Fun Fact: You get more nutrients and minerals from your meals when cooked in a cast iron skillet/pot.


I’ve been in my apartment now for a few months, and I still have not added a doormat! With it being Fall and holiday season – this one will fit nicely for my front door.


I get the most use out of candles in my home during Fall and Winter. I’m not crazy about the usual “Fall scents” but I do want my home to smell good. This soy-based Warm & Cozy candle and others from this brand give yummy scents that aren’t harsh.


Regardless of if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, we all deserve a special mug to make those small moments to ourselves more enjoyable. I have plenty of mugs, but none like this one. I love that this mug includes a wooden lid and chic gold spoon.

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