4 Steps to Create a Cozy Living Space

cozy bedroom ideas

Over here we’re all about cozy homes. There’s something about dimmed lighting, soft textures and a minimal design that makes you want to get comfortable and chill all day. Aside from adding wall art here and there, here are 4 steps to create a cozy living space quickly and affordably. 

Create Warmth With Lighting

Never underestimate why lighting is the first tip to making your home cozy. It’s definitely a game-changer and sets the desired mood for the entire space. If you’re not sure how to pick warm lighting, start by assessing your current lighting situation. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many light sources are there in this room?
  • What is the design of each light? Do I like it?
  • Are the bulbs warm or cool?

Any harsh, single overhead lighting should be avoided. Instead, make sure you have an abundance of table and floor lamps, candles (my favorite cozy lighting!), and ambiance lighting. When the sun goes down, create clusters of illumination where you want focal and conversation points to be. If introducing additional lights and re-jigging your lighting situation is out of the question for financial reasons, I recommend using warm bulbs throughout the rooms that you want to cozy up. Swap those cold bulbs out for warm bulbs and see the huge difference it makes. 

Add Texture Into Your Home

Adding texture to your home is one of the easiest steps you can take to instantly make the space more cozy. Place textural objects in your home that you genuinely love to touch. Think about when you go shopping: do you touch the things you feel drawn to? I do it all the time! Encourage this behavior in your own home as well. Texture adds depth and coziness to a space. Here are some ways to add textured items to your home:

-Place woven baskets containing extra pillows and throw blankets.

-Use textiles in inviting fabrics such as chunky knit, velvet, faux fur and linen.

-Pile on the pillows!

-Mixing accessories in materials like leather, ceramic and wood will also create appealing tactile experiences and sensations.

-A simple but well-styled shelf of books is an inexpensive, yet effective way of adding texture to a room. If you don’t have a shelf, stack your books. Stacks are satisfying to look at if they’re neat.

-The softer, the better. Soft things are my love language!

Get Rid Of Your Junk

Another way to create a cozy living space is to keep it clean! All of us have some things around the house that we realistically could get rid of. Find ways to make extra cash when getting rid of said items. Sell your old clothes to a place such as Cillies, or on Poshmark. Donate what you cannot sell. When it comes to valuables, check out Chapes-JPL, located in Buckhead, right off of Lenox Road. You can sell old handbags, broken jewelry, or even sell diamonds in Atlanta, GA, to Chapes-JPL. They make the process insanely easy, have over 40 years of experience, and service 18,000+ happy customers. You can get cash in just minutes and this could be so useful for those struggling with clutter in the home. Getting rid of junk can transform it into a minimal, cozy environment.

Grab A Few Cans Of Paint

A can of paint is one of the most cost-savvy ways to transform a room. Though white walls have their place, that airy look isn’t the warmest aesthetic. Instead, deep, dark colors like black, slate-gray, green, burgundy, and navy, together with layered textures like faux fur and velvet, evoke the feeling of a cozy hideaway. Try painting your white room – or even just your trim or fireplace – in a dark tone for winter, and tell me it doesn’t instantly get cozier.

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