5 Calming Bedroom Ideas for Deep Sleep

Ever needed an inside-the-home source to calm you down from a hectic day? Besides a hot cup of matcha latte and my 4-pound chihuahua, I really love monochromatic decor and its relaxing benefits. Psychologists here strongly believe colors, spaciousness, and natural elements produce emotional responses as it relates to living spaces.

I’ve even started brainstorming new ideas for my own bedroom. In my search for inspiration, here are five dreamy bedrooms guaranteed to put you in a deep sleep.


Nothing symbolizes a zen bedroom like minimal, light, and airy. The crisp white duvet comforter and sheets featuring NO bed frame at all really show what’s possible when achieving a cozy bedroom.


If you prefer a darker comfy haven, then look no further. Not only does the gray duvet comforter give cloud nine vibes, but the black rug proves that you can go as dark as you want for a cozy bedroom. I personally adore the ivory wall and curtains here, but wouldn’t be opposed to gray or black walls in this space.


Less is definitely more in this bedroom. The simple picture frame placement and lighting distracts from the lack of headboard – making this design even more affordable and DIY-friendly. And you can never go wrong with blush pink as the main attraction.


There’s so many elements here to be appreciated. First of all, the beach-inspired lounge chair works so well next to the reclaimed wooden table. All pieces sit peacefully on top of a huge furry, cloud-looking rug. What tops the room off is the bohemian chandelier.


Here’s a dreamy matte black bedroom sure to put you in a deep sleep. The black paint color blends effortlessly with the duvet, creating a seriously sophisticated look. The most exciting element here is the floating hammock chair – i’d spend more time in there than in bed.

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