The Best Warm Winter Coats for Women

winter coats for women

I feel that warm and quality winter coats aren’t talked about enough. It’s fairly easy to find stylish coats from our favorite retailers, but it’s harder to find both cute and durable coats. It’s so necessary to discuss the warm winter coats for women and wear to find them.

I’m from Wisconsin, so in the past I typically went for hooded long winter coats to keep my legs fairly warm as well. Factoring in where you live and how intense temperatures are during Winter is going to be very critical when picking the best winter coat for you.

When to Buy Warm Winter Coats

Reversible winter coat

There’s a time to wear cozy Fall coats and there’s a time to wear winter coats. It’s now December (believe it or not), arguably one of the coldest months of the year, so right now is absolutely the best time to buy a winter coat. Even in southern states like Georgia (where I live), it’s entirely too cold to leave the house without a coat. The cute jackets just aren’t warm enough anymore.

Types of Winter Coats

Hooded – Great for wind and rain resistance.

Faux Fur – Very stylish and cozy, but not ideal for extremely cold temperatures.

Puffer – Ideal for wind resistance. Warming and stylish.

Leather – Perfect for rain resistance while looking chic.

Long – I recommend thigh or leg length coats for snowy climates.

Where to Buy Warm Winter Coats for Women

I’ve rounded up some of the best places to buy good quality winter coats. Once you’ve decided on the type of winter coat you prefer this season, it’s important to factor in where to find them. I’m all about convenient and quality.

The North Face Winter Coat

The North Face is one of those staple brands when it comes to finding good winter coats – and for good reason. They specialize in women’s winter coats that are insulated, waterproof, and flexible to your lifestyle. For instance, if you live in a city/state where it snows, you can filter that in and get personalized suggested coats for you and that climate. The Arctic Parka coat is one of the warmest and breathable thigh-length coats. It’s windproof and formfitting. When a quality coat doesn’t completely hide a woman’s shape and figure, it’s a must-have!

Topshop Winter Coat

If you’re simply looking for a cute coat, I highly recommend checking out Topshop. They are known for chic and stylish winter looks. Some of my favorites are their crop jackets and reversible coats. I love how functional and aesthetically pleasing Topshop’s coats for women are.

Columbia Winter Coat

Columbia is another versatile brand that values durable and quality coats for women. You can find some of the best interchangeable, insulated and puffer coats that’ll warm and stylish. I love that you can look good without sacrificing warmth with Columbia’s coats. This Pike Lake II Insulated jacket is a classic puffer style with both nylon and polyester textures.

Columbia Winter coat for women

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