15 Best Shoe Colors and Styles to Wear with Pink Dresses

Are you feeling stuck on what shoes to wear with your pink dress? We get it. Pairing shoes with pink dresses can be a challenge! But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll share the 15 best shoe colors and styles to wear with a pink dress. You will surely find something that will fit your style for any occasion.

Why Are Pink Outfits So Hard to Pair?

It’s not just you! A LOT of women struggle to figure out what to pair with their favorite pink dress. But why is that?

Well, for one thing, pink has many different shades and undertones. This can affect how it pairs with other colors. For example, a light pastel pink dress may pair well with neutral colors like beige or white. On the other hand, a bright fuchsia pink dress may need a bolder color to complement it, such as metallic silver or gold.

The occasion and dress style can also play a role in choosing the right shoe color and style to pair with a pink dress. If you’re wearing a casual sundress to a summer picnic, you may want to opt for a pair of comfortable sneakers or sandals. But if you’re attending a formal event, you may need to choose a more sophisticated shoe style, such as pumps or heels.

There are plenty of factors that you’ll need to consider. The key is to find shoes that don’t clash or overpower the dress. These top choices for the 15 best shoe colors and styles to wear with pink dresses can help you.

15 Best Shoe Colors and Styles to Wear with Pink Dresses

Women's strapless pink maxi dress and white platform heels

1. Beige Sandals

A classic pair of nude pumps is always a safe bet with a pink dress. The neutral color complements the pink and allows your dress to take center stage.

Nude pumps also do a great job of creating a seamless, elongated look. The nude color blends in with your skin tone, making your legs appear longer and leaner.

And did we mention that nude can complement any pink shade, whether a light pastel or bright fuchsia? It’s a versatile shoe style that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

2. Metallic Heels

Why not add shine and glam to your outfit with a pair of metallic heels? This style of shoe pairs well with a pink dress, especially if it has some sparkle or shimmer.

You can either go with gold, silver, or even metallic pink! Metallics complement pink because they provide a bold contrast to the softness of the pink color. This makes them a great choice for formal events or evening occasions. They can also be paired with different shades of pink, making them very versatile.

3. White Platform Heels

You will never go wrong with a pink and white pairing, but platform heels really take things to a new level. They’re versatile and timeless. Plus, they go with just about anything – including a pink dress.

White platform heels create an edgy but soft look when paired with a pink dress. Pink dresses are undoubtedly feminine so I love the unique balance that white platform heels add.

4. White Sneakers

Going for a sports or casual look? Well, white sneakers are the way to go!

White sneakers are a comfortable, casual shoe option worn with a pink dress for a more laid-back look. They can complement a pink dress by providing a fresh, clean contrast to the soft pink color.

This is a great choice for daytime events, such as a summer picnic or a casual brunch.

5. Pink Heels

If you want to go all out with the pink theme, a pair of pink heels can look fabulous with a pink dress. For a cohesive look, try to match the shade of pink as closely as possible.

You can also choose a different shade of pink. For example, if you’re wearing a light pastel pink dress, you could pair it with bright pink heels for a pop of color. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a bright fuchsia pink dress, you could opt for a softer shade of pink heels to balance out the boldness of the dress.

When done correctly, pink on pink can be a fun and playful way to accessorize a pink dress!

6. Metallic Sandals

We’re not done with metallics just yet. Instead of heels, you can also go with a comfy pair of metallic sandals to complement your fun pink dress.

Metallic sandals can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a pink dress. Whether in gold, silver, or rose gold, metallic sandals can be worn with various shades of pink.

The shine of the metallic color adds a playful and fun aspect to the outfit. This shoe style is perfect for daytime events and outdoor occasions such as garden weddings, summer parties, and picnics.

7. Animal Print Heels

Before you freak out, you can wear animal print heels without looking tacky, okay? All it takes is the perfect dress and accessories!

Animal prints can add a fun and playful look to your outfit. It can also add a bit of edge and contrast the softness of the pink color.

You can choose from plenty of animal prints, such as leopard prints, faux snake skins, and zebra prints. You can go with leopard or snakeskin patterns for some added texture and interest to your look.

8. Red Pumps

Red pumps on a pink dress? Miranda Priestly would approve! (Pardon the Devil Wears Prada reference, huge fan.)

The contrast between pink and red is striking and can make a statement at formal events. It can also add a touch of drama and sophistication to a pink dress.

Plus, you can use red pumps to complement different shades of pink, making it a versatile option. They are perfect for cocktail parties, weddings, and other formal events.

9. White Ankle Boots

White shoes in general, especially ankle boots, can add a touch of casual chic to a pink dress, creating a relaxed yet stylish look. Ankle boots are comfortable and practical, making them great for outdoor events, such as beach weddings or garden parties. White may be a bold color to some but it surprisingly pairs amazingly with a pink outfit.

10. Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are still very much in style! You can use it to add a touch of elegance and femininity to a pink dress.

The delicate straps create a soft and feminine look, making it perfect for formal events such as weddings and cocktail parties. Try to go with either a neutral or metallic color. This style of shoe is particularly flattering if you have slim ankles.

Strappy sandals are also versatile and can be paired with different shades of pink, making them a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

11. Blue Heels

You’d be surprised at how blue and pink can actually be a beautiful color combination. The contrast between pink and blue creates a striking combination perfect for outdoor events such as garden parties and weddings.

Try pairing your pink dress with a pair of blue heels for a unique and eye-catching look!

12. Clear Sandals

Clear or transparent shoes can work well with a pink dress, particularly if you’re going for a glam look. They’re also practical and comfortable, making them a great option for daytime events such as brunch or a shopping trip.

Try to choose a brown or tan pair for a cohesive look. The neutral color of the brown complements different shades of pink and creates a harmonious look.

13. Yellow Sandals

Whether you choose a pastel or bright shade of pink, yellow sandals can complement the color and create a cohesive look. It’s a cheerful color that can create a fun and playful outfit. It’s the pop or color you never knew your pink dress needed.

You can either go with a strappy sandal style for a casual or outdoor event. Or you could go with a more structured or embellished sandal can for a dressier touch.

14. Green Heels

Green is such a versatile color that can work well with many different shades of pink.

For a bold look, a bright green shade can add a pop of color and make a statement. A more muted or pastel green, on the other hand, can add a subtle touch of sophistication. Depending on the formality of the occasion, a sleek pump or a strappy sandal can work well.

15. Gray Flats

If you want to keep the focus on the dress, gray shoes can be a good option that won’t detract from the outfit. Gray is a neutral color that can provide a soft and understated complement to any pink dress.

Ballet flats or loafers can work well, depending on your personal style and the kind of event you’ll be attending. These shoe styles are perfect for a casual or office setting. Gray can also work with a variety of pink shades, from pale pastels to bright fuchsias.

Quick Tips for Pairing Your Pink Dress

When it comes to dressing up for special occasions, choosing the right shoes can be just as important as picking out the perfect dress. Here are some easy and quick tips that can make a difference in choosing the perfect pair for your dress:

  • Consider the shade of pink: Different shades of pink can work well with different shoe colors and styles. Lighter shades of pink, such as pastel pinks, can look great with nude or metallic shoes, while brighter pinks, such as fuchsia, can pair well with bold colors like red or green.
  • Match or contrast: You can choose to either match your shoes with your dress or contrast them for a pop of color. Matching shoes can create a cohesive look, while contrasting shoes can add visual interest and create a statement.
  • Think about the occasion: Whether it’s a formal occasion can dictate the type of shoe you choose. For a cocktail party, classic high heels or black pumps can be appropriate, while casual events may call for casual wear – a pair of flat sandals or sneakers will complete the overall look.
  • Consider the style of the dress: The style of the dress can also impact the type of shoe you choose. A flowy maxi dress can look great with strappy sandals, while a fitted cocktail dress may pair well with a sleek pump.
  • Use accessories to tie the outfit together: Accessories like belts, jewelry, or handbags can be used to create a cohesive look between your pink dress and shoes. Consider matching a belt or bag to your shoes to create a unified look.
  • Experiment with textures: You can add visual interest to your outfit by experimenting with different textures of shoes. For example, a pair of animal print heels can add texture and depth to a simple pink dress.
  • Consider the season: The season can also influence your shoe choice. Lighter, more open-toed shoes are appropriate for spring and summer, while closed-toe shoes and boots can be worn in fall and winter.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Ultimately, fashion is all about expressing your individual style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shoe styles and colors until you find a combination that makes you feel confident and stylish in your pink dress.

Are You Ready To Slay in Pink?

Posing in a pink strapless maxi dress with white platform heels.

Don’t let the challenge of pairing shoes with a pink dress hold you back from rocking this fun and flirty color. With these tips, you can create and trendy look in any shade of the dress. I personally love a light pink or pale pink dress with white shoes, (a hot pink dress is also an excellent choice) Heck, with the right pair of shoes, you can wear a little black dress paired with a black leather jacket or a blue dress. There’s so many different style possible to get that classic or bolder look. 

Ultimately, the best shoe color and style to pair with a pink dress will depend on your personal style, the occasion, and the specific shade of pink you’re wearing. By considering these 15 of the best shoe colors and styles to wear with a pink dress, you can find a shoe that complements your outfit and adds the perfect finishing touch.

It’s time to bring out that pink dress that’s been stuck in your wardrobe for so long and start slaying!

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