The Best Pumpkin Patch to Visit in Atlanta

I love a good pumpkin patch in October like the next person. But it can be a challenge trying to find the best one in town – mainly because places are so spread apart and far away in the Atlanta area. Being new to Georgia, it was a scavenger hunt to find the best pumpkin patch to visit in Atlanta.

There were plenty of options to choose from, so for me it was all about location, convenience and scenery. Tradition Market and Garden was a really cool choice because they completely transformed their famous garden into a field full of bright orange pumpkins.

Why Tradition Market and Garden

Tradition is conveniently located in the city near plenty of shops and restaurants, whereas lots of other pumpkin fields are nearly 45 minutes outside of the city. In fact, me and my mom grabbed food from our favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Chili, right after – which is right across the street.

The staff made social distancing extremely easy. There was plenty of space to find the perfect pumpkin, take good photos, and even sit and relax for awhile. Atlanta’s weather in Fall is still comfortable for outdoor activities, so there were no compromises there.

As mentioned, Tradition is well-known for carrying an array of products and services to enhance people’s lives. Their locally sourced food products and organics plants and veggies make the garden center a delightful experience.

Inside the shop were unique drinks for purchase and one-of-a-kind garden and lifestyle products. Need firewood for your fireplace? You can find it here as well. It’s really a one-stop-shop.

It was such a pleasure to take photos in an oasis committed to transforming its garden into an entire pumpkin patch during this time of year. Have you gone to a pumpkin patch yet? How did you decide which one to go to?

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