Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Cavapoo

Believe it or not I didn’t know what a Cavapoo breed was until the day I picked Badger (my Cavapoo) out from a bunch of other breeds at the local pet store. I had only heard of golden doodles (golden retriever and poodle mix) which is what I thought I wanted originally because I loved their curly fur and apricot coat. But when I saw my red-colored Cavapoo, I was sold. He was the perfect size and his personality was calm and well-behaved, but also playful and attentive. I fell in love. The night I brought him home I researched for hours. I wanted to know all about his behavior patterns and how to care for him. I’m sure there’s plenty of other excited and eager Cavapoo moms like me, so I want to share my Cavapoo experience and some tips I’ve learned along the way. Here’s everything you need to know before buying a Cavapoo.

What is a Cavapoo? 

A Cavapoo is a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Both breeds are very popular and almost opposites in personality. Cavaliers are typically small in size (up to 13lbs) and known for their sweet and gentle demeanor and appearance with richly coated fur. Poodles on the other hand are high-energy dogs and range in size from toy to standard. They are ranked one of the top smartest breeds and their curly coats are low-allergen. Personality wise, cavapoos are the perfect mix of intelligence, affectionate, and loyal. Since Cavapoos are mixed breeds, no one Cavapoo is the exact same in personality. They can be more cavalier-like or poodle-like. It all just depends on the particular puppy.

7 Surprising Characteristics of Cavapoos

1. Flawless Fur Coat

There are many unique qualities about Cavapoos, but their naturally thick and healthy fur is one of the main talking points about them. Sometimes I look at my Cavapoo and say, “You’re so cute!” Anywhere I take him I get stopped and asked so many compliments and questions about his color and appearance. Cavapoo colors are black, white, red, cream, apricot, or multi-colored. I obviously preferred red coat, but all of the colors are adorable. I’ve found that feeding him Salmon or Omega-6 rich food makes his fur really shine and flourish. Depending on where you live, adjust your Cavapoo’s haircut to the appropriate weather conditions. Since their fur is extremely thick and rich, this benefits them in colder months when extra layers of warmth are necessary. But when it’s hot, be sure to cut it short enough for your Cavapoo to be comfortable. Some adorable haircut types are the teddy bear, lamb cut, and puppy cut.

2. Very Loyal to Their Owner

Cavapoos come from a very loyal bloodline. Both Cavaliers and Poodles are true to their owners. Cavapoos are protective, alert, and affection to their caregivers. My Cavapoo makes for a great alternative to an alarm system because he’s makes me aware of anyone who is near or at my front door. When out in public, Cavapoos know to stay near their owner and to protect against danger by alerting their owner. The best way to repay a Cavapoo for their loyalty is to give hugs and attention, because they love to be loved by their owners.

3. Cavapoos are Usually Hypoallergenic

If you have seasonal allergies, Cavapoos are the perfect pets because they rarely shed fur. Cavaliers are non-hypoallergenic, while poodles are. So although Cavapoos are not guaranteed to not cause any allergies, most owners with allergies report that they do not have allergy symptoms with their Cavapoos. I personally do not have allergies, but I did NOT want to deal with shedding fur at all. Like most Cavapoos, Badger does not shed, but his coat requires top tier care. Daily brushings and weekly baths are a must to avoid matting. I love this Premium Oatmeal shampoo for him. Be prepared to visit the groomers quite frequently for haircuts with your Cavapoo. When I brush Badger is the only time I see a tiny bit of dead hair in the bristles. I highly recommend Cavapoos for this reason. 

4. Cavapoos are Family-Friendly Breeds

If you’re planning for a family or looking for the perfect addition to your household, Cavapoos fit right in. Their friendly demeanor and protective nature makes them great family pets. Cavapoos are just as if not more playful than children, which is the recipe for an unbreakable bond. Even if you’re like me and don’t currently have any children, you can find a best friend in a Cavapoo.

5. Easy to Train

When I first got my Cavapoo I didn’t put as much thought into training as I probably should have. Badger is currently seeing a professional dog trainer to help eliminate his tendency to chew on tissue and socks, which can be pretty common with puppies. In terms of potty training my Cavapoo, I first used training pads that I purchased from Petland. I’d place a few throughout the house and Badger quickly understood what they were for. Not every go-round was perfect, but with patience and communication, Badger grasped the idea of using the pads. Soon after the pads, Badger eventually began running to the door and tapping on the shutters to let me know he has to go. I was so amazed when he first started doing this because I hadn’t signed him up for any dog training yet. He basically potty trained himself. This isn’t to say that every Cavapoo is the same way, but I think it definitely speaks to how intelligent the breed can be with a little patience and discipline.

6. Long Life Expectancy

Cavapoos have a long lifespan of 10-15 human years. This is typically longer than most large breed dogs. In general, Cavapoos are very healthy and happy dogs. Smaller sized breeds tend to have longer lifespans than large Cavapoos. I intend to keep my Cavapoo up to date on all health requirements, appointments, etc. to so that he has the best chances of living a long, happy, and healthy life. One of the most important recommendations for when you first bring your Cavapoo home is to schedule their first vet appointment – even if they are 100 percent healthy already.

7. Generally Very Intelligent and Well-Behaved

Since Cavapoos are mixed breeds, no one Cavapoo is the exact same in personality. They can be more cavalier-like or poodle-like. It all just depends on the particular puppy. Badger is very high-energy and athletic, which leans more towards poodle-like. He is incredibly goofy with a short attention span, and makes a great lap dog. Cavapoos are not excessive barkers, but will definitely bark to alert their owners. Badger greets people with friendliness and welcomes belly rubs.

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Cavapoo

1. Grooming and Fur Maintenance 

Since Cavapoos have such rich fur, it’s important to care for and maintain it with a grooming routine. A Cavapoo’s fur starts growing immediately after bringing him or her home. I had to learn this the hard way. I waited about 2 months before scheduling Badger’s first grooming appointment. And to my shocking surprise, I had to wait an additional 3-5 weeks to get an appointment with any local groomer in the Atlanta area. Don’t make the same mistake as me. Now, my Cavapoo gets groomed every 4 weeks. I’d recommend regular grooming for a Cavapoo every 4-6 weeks. In between groomings, brush your Cavapoo daily to avoid matting (no need to worry about shedding).

2. How Much Do Cavapoos Cost? 

Like any other breed there is no exact cost for Cavapoos. It depends on many factors such as the color, sex, size, and breeder of the dog. I’ve seen prices for Cavapoos range from $1,500-$20,000! Red and black Cavapoos are typically more expensive because of the higher demand. Female dogs tend to be pricier than males no matter the breed. Cavapoos range in size from toy, miniature, and standard, and the smaller sized puppies are usually higher in price. Badger is a miniature puppy and was about $5,000.

3. Where to Buy a Cavapoo

Badger came from Petland, a local pet store and third-party seller which up-charges what you’d typically pay from a direct breeder. My Cavapoo was a birthday gift, so timing was of the essence in my case. One benefit of purchasing him from the pet store was that he came with all the bells and whistles – everything from a full-sized kennel to daily vitamins and supplements. There were also some saving perks with Badger’s first vet visit. If you have the extra time to plan and source a great direct breeder, I highly recommend Crockett Doodles. With them you can basically handpick the perfect Cavapoo for you and pay a little less.

4. What You’ll Need to Purchase Right Away

A bed for your puppy is one of the first purchases you’ll make. I ordered this anti-anxiety donut bed and Badger absolutely loves it. Invest in a quality harness and leash. I’ll always recommend Amazon for quality and affordable dog supplies. Depending on where you live, adjust your Cavapoo’s haircut to the appropriate weather conditions. I was not prepared for the teething process that comes with puppies, so be sure to have some chewable toys for your fur baby! Especially if your shoes and socks are off limits! Here’s the teething toy that Badger loves – it goes in the freezer for extra chilled pleasure.

5. Best Cavapoo Dog Food 

There’s really no science to picking the best dog food for your Cavapoo. Any growing puppy needs vitamin-rich, hearty meals to support their growth. Cavapoos typically eat soft dog food while they’re teething. My favorite soft dog meal is by Cesar’s – both chicken and beef flavors seem to be delicious to Badger. At about 6 months, I began introducing and eventually fully transitioning Badger to hard food. Badger loves Nutro’s Whole Essential Farm Raised Chicken and Brown Rice. I especially love that this brand has different recipes made specifically for puppies, adult, and elderly dogs – so your Cavapoo can eat Nutro at any age. I’ve also heard great things about The Farmer’s Dog and can’t for Badger to give their recipe a try.

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How to Prepare for Getting a Cavapoo

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