Must-Have Trench Coats for Fall in 2024

With just a few weeks left in October, we still have until the end of the year to wear all of our Fall favorites. One of my favorite things about Fall is wearing warm trench coats. Fun fact: As much as I love leather jackets and sweater dresses this time of year, I love trench coats even more – which is why I’ve put together these must-have trench coats for Fall.

Must-Have Trench Coats for Fall

Classic Black

Everyone needs a classic black trench coat to go with literally any outfit. They’re appropriate for chill grocery store runs as well as a formal night out on the town.


Camel trench coats are so special to me because my very first trench was camel. It’s the official Fall color and looks amazing with sweaters, jeans, and boots.


Take things up a notch with this super chic grid off-white trench coat. It looks so extremely warm and cozy. I just know the belt hugs the body so comfortably.

Pale Pink

Like black, pale pink is another color that looks great with just about anything. You can dress it up or down. If you’re looking for a neutral color for Fall, I’d definitely recommend this one as one of the must-have trench coats for fall.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of trench coats! I think they add such a polished touch to every outfit! I’ve been obsessed with blush-colored coats this season!

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