5 Types of Mom Jeans You Need for Spring

There is no secret recipe to finding the best mom jeans because it solely depends on your personal style and preference. For me, I love an extra high-waisted fit. There are plenty of options to choose from, so it was only right to list the 5 types of mom jeans you need for spring.

What are Mom Jeans?

We’ve all heard of boyfriend jeans, but mom jeans are just as good. If you’re looking for a relaxed, comfy look, then you might consider investing in a pair. They’re known for the high-waist snug fit right about the navel with lots of space in the leg and zipper areas.

Types of Mom Jeans for Spring

Extra High-Waisted

The Slim Look

Original High-Rise

high rise wash mom jeans

The Cropped Look

High-Waist Ankle

How to Find the Best Mom Jeans for Spring

In my opinion, there really is no wrong way to find mom jeans. It’s simply a matter of knowing how you want them to fit your body type. A favorite hack of mine when picking mom jeans is to have a top or blouse in mind to pair it with. This way you have an idea of how high-waisted the jeans need to be or not.

Another way to find the best types of mom jeans for Spring is picking two pairs of shoes you want to pair with the jeans. Here, you’re setting a standard for how the jeans should look and feel to compliment the shoes you already have picked out.

Pro Tip: Extra high-waisted mom jeans look great with sneakers and slim mom jeans look amazing with heels.

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